Drag Queen ladies parade on Burgundy Street in the Bywater at the start of Krewe of Saint Anne parade also know as the Society of Saint Anne on Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, in New Orleans, La. Tuesday, Feb., 2017. The group was founded in 1969 and starts in the Bywater before finishing in the French Quarter to watch Rex on Canal St.

I find it interesting and hypocritical that the legislators of our state who adore Mardi Gras are supportive of this new House Bill 466, which would outlaw discussion of gender and sexual identity in school settings.

Official school holidays are set for Mardi Gras so that students and their families can attend this annual festivity in New Orleans and around the state. When they attend the parades and parties, are they shielding their kids from seeing the obvious gender bending and debauchery that is all part of merry making? Surely there are outrageous cross-dressing outfits (and/or lack of clothing at all) that cause a lot of wide-eyed wonder in the little innocents’ minds.

So to shield children from knowing that other lifestyles exist in their world, will politicians introduce future bills to shut down Mardi Gras? Or how about the upcoming 51st anniversary of the Southern Decadence event coming to New Orleans Sept. 3? I wouldn’t count on it.

The "pearl clutchers" somehow are able to turn a blind eye and experience morality amnesia when money is involved. And plenty of tourism income is at stake. These elected crusaders are shameless.


Baton Rouge

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