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Stacey Witcher puts trash in a bucket while working along Corporate Boulevard with Robert Witcher during a Clean Pelican litter pickup event on Saturday, June 18, 2022 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Both Gov. John Bel Edwards and Mayor Sharon Weston Broome have appointed special litter task forces to help with the growing litter problem. To date, if they have met, neither shows much promise. I have said it before: We do not have a problem producing litter, we have a problem picking up litter.

My office is downtown. Every day I exit I-110 at North Street, one of the major exits to the downtown area. You would think that our city/parish leaders would at least pick up the litter at key entrances to our parish and city, and those that tourists might take.

The litter on the North Street exit should be embarrassing to all: discarded diapers, multiple fast food containers, cups, beer cans and other assorted items.

I donned a highway vest, garbage bags in every pocket and my grabber and decided to try to pick the litter up. Vehicle exiting I-110 come fast and furious. One of Baton Rouge’s future leading citizens even threw a Styrofoam coffee cup at me. Mission failure.

What happened to the street sweepers the city owns? What happened to those in jail picking up litter, which I have seen in other parishes?

Kudos to the group of organizers that pick the litter at the Siegen, Bluebonnet and Essen I-10 exits. They look great, at least for a day.

To our Baton Rouge leaders, just pick up the trash.


Baton Rouge

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