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A binder containing copies of challenges to material in the St. Tammany Parish Library system, prepared for members of the Library Board of Control. March 16, 2023.

We can’t have it both ways, parental involvement or no parental involvement, in our children's education and development. Most schools want parental involvement.

Most parents don’t want to dictate academic subjects, but they do not want teachers or librarians to decide what their young children should be taught or to expose their children to their opinion of sex and morals.

Most teachers and librarians exercise a balanced judgement when it comes to these subjects. This letter does not apply to them.

But unfortunately, there are some teachers and librarians who use extremes to criticize and look down on the parents who disagree with them on these important parental responsibilities. Yes, our children are grown, but it was our responsibility as parents to teach and share our morals, ethics and values.



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