Sold Home For Sale Sign and New House (copy)


Transfers for May 23-26


BACHMAN DRIVE, LOT 171: $75,000, Robert M. McCool and Bonnie Ann Lacour McCool to Joseph B. McGehee and Sydney D. McGehee.

BACHMAN LANE 172: $100,000, Level Investments LLC to Bradley K. Shiflett and Charity Z. Lett Shiflett.

GRANDE HILLS ESTATES, LOT 29, SQUARE 7: $180,000, Marcus J. Meyer and Anne Moniz Meyer to Rex A. Bent and Patricia R. Bent.


MAPLEWOOD ESTATES, LOT 25: $173,000, Margaret Rogers Jacob to Adis C. Nunez Bonilla and Yesenia P. Cruz de Nunez.


MIRE DRIVE 21437: donation, no value stated, Diane Loria Rose to Caroline Ott Brown.

MONEY HILL PLANTATION SUBDIVISION, LOT 7A: $400,000, Marc Todd Richard and Norma Salcedo Richard to Derek Dupree Magness and Jennifer Guin Magness.

NAVAJO DRIVE 753: $295,000, Valerie R. Lacy, Teresa Rabbitt and Lisa R. Lee to Wayne M. Lacombe.

OAK KNOLL ROAD, LOT 50-B: $70,000, Jonathan P. McNeely to Riley J. Cheramie Jr. and Laura L. Cheramie.

S. DUNDEE LOOP 3068: $199,022, Elizabeth M. Damare to Michael P. Connolly and Carol L. Connolly.

SILVER SPRINGS DRIVE 23372: $259,000, BMRC Properties LLC to Jakeline Trejo Padilla and Leyvin Ramos Bonilla.


AVENUE ST. GERMAIN 1128: $535,000, John R. Blanchard and Kathleen A. Blanchard to John P. Jude Catalanatto and Meghan S. Catalanatto.

BAHIA COURT 15127: $280,815, DSLD Homes LLC to Justin Cowart and Cheyenne W. Cowart.

BAHIA COURT 15131: $271,380, DSLD Homes LLC to Kristen Hartzog.

BATELEUR WAY 572: $285,000, Laura L. Rezloff to Brandon G. Duracher and Bevin E. Paulovich.

CANE LOOP ALLEY 857: $569,900, Bardwell Construction Co. LLC to Norman J. McCord Jr. and Rhonda J. McCord.

COURTANO DRIVE 70482: $160,000, Succession of Rene M. Gorrondona Jr. to Robert A. Lyons III and Jacqueline L. Pollet.

COVINGTON COTTAGE LANE 261: $257,920, DSLD Homes LLC to James Ernst.

COVINGTON COTTAGE LANE 213: $255,510, DSLD Homes LLC to Brandon J. Bradley.

DARLENE DRIVE 2257: $315,000, Bridget DeBlonde Wenzel and Amber Cecile Hutchinson to Ashley E. Jacobsen.

DIVISION OF NEW COVINGTON SUBDIVISION, LOT 8, SQUARE 703: $140,000, Northlake Realty LLC to Weston B. Acosta.

E. 15TH AVE. 312: $2,050,000, Laurie Miller Mccants to Kevin M. Kramer and Christine D. Kramer.

ETA AVE. 74338: $265,000, Paul J. Carmouche to Ricardo A. Dillon and Lawanda J. Dillon.

FOREST CREEK DRIVE 73212: $244,970, DSLD Homes LLC to John P. Sisney and Cathy Zhang.

FOURTH ST. 70409: $239,900, Intrepid Builders LLC to Tayler Price Migues.

HELENBIRG SUBDIVISION, LOT 2A, SQUARE 41: $100, Tamland Investments Inc. to James A. Lindsay IV.

LA. 1085 15141: $282,000, Linda Ball Dolese to Mattie P. Puls.

HUSEMAN LANE 569: $189,113, Planet Home Lending LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

LOURDES LANE 237: $279,000, Succession of Dian Heffker Guidry to Jeanne Weatherford.

MAYFIELD ROAD 79477: $180,000, Justin L. Hammer to Tejuana M. Towery.

MENETRE DRIVE 108: $100,000, Edmond M. D'Hemecourt and Shannon M. D'Hemecourt to E Lara LLC.

MILITARY HEIGHTS DRIVE 20392: $480,500, Clare Carmi Hodge III and Allyson Johnson Hodge to Tucker Lendon Madden and Bonnie Skinner Madden.

MILITARY ROAD 75161: $505,000, Katherine Reedy Arbelle to Jason Jones and Megan Saylor Jones.

NEAR COVINGTON, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Robert G. Thigpen to Taylor Gregory Thigpen.

NEAR COVINGTON, PORTION OF GROUND: $148,000, Stall Enterprises LLC to Mary V. Hoitt.

NEAR COVINGTON, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Kimberly Henderson Jarrell to Emily Annette Jarrell.

NINTH ST. 70058: $219,400, Denise Cross Moore to Patricia M. Euper.

PANSY ST. 72386: $137,500, 3D Rental Partners LLC and Stephanie Drude to Darcy C. Bether.

PARTRIDGE ST. 149: $255,000, Christopher M. Corcoran and Veronica Giambrone Corcoran to Jillian N. Sanger.

PENN MILL ROAD 74101: $60,000, Ernesto Abdo Sr. to Yossy Jimy Gonzalez Zepeda.

PINE BAY LANE 59296: $105,000, Robert C. Casadaban to Robert J. Weaver and Sharon A. Weaver.

PLANTATION ST. 72508: $52,600, M3P Homes LLC to Jenkins Homes LLC.

RIVER PARK ESTATES, LOT 3, SQUARE 1, LOT 3, SQUARE 7: $45,000, Constance C. Boulmay to Joshua W. Murphy.

RUE BOURDEAUX 728: $495,000, Christopher D. Moore and Sharon H. Moore to Cameron R. Mudford and Amanda B. Roth.

SIMPSON WAY 732: $309,900, Jairo Estrada and Tara Tramuta Estrada to Sheila Farr.

SIXTH AVE. 69404: $280,000, Bryan A. Hodnett to Wilson G. Walters and Janel A. Walters.

SYLVIA DRIVE 75608: $275,000, Claude F. Lagalante and Melonie Warner Lagalante to Dominic Ducre.

TAMMANY HILLS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 32, 34, SQUARE 37: $200,000, Brittany D. Martens to Randy Tenhet.

TERRA BELLA SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1A11, LOTS 413, 414, 415, 416, 428: $545,000, Eagle Renovations & Construction LLC to Eagle Eye Homes LLC.

TERRA BELLA SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1A2, LOT 162A: $195,000, Thomas L. Callicutt Jr. and Brenda W. Callicutt to Matthew P. Pellerin and Trey B. Perrin.

THIRD ST. 70437: $239,900, Nova Contracting LLC to Zoemia Gonzalez.

THOMAS DRIVE 2009: $315,000, Staci K. Arceneaux to Wayne Juneau and Gayle Juneau.

THOMAS DRIVE 2005: $347,500, Ignatius J. Cazaux to Michael Lupo and Rachael Gros.

VERONICA BLVD. 73133: $269,000, Kenneth W. Beichler to Carter S. Bordelon and Emily R. Richardson.

VILLAGE DES BOIS SUBDIVISION, LOT 4: $90,000, Josephine Chastain Brannon to Jason Gockwai Wong and Vanessa Elsner Gomes.


HIGHLANDS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 45, 46: donation, no value stated, Earl Ray Wilkes to E. Ray Wilkes and Martha Wilkes revocable living trust.

JESSIE ARD ROAD 10800: $256,515, Nathan E. Pierre, Paul N. Pierre and William Pierre to Michael J. Huckaby and Jennifer P. Huckaby.

KEENELAND PLACE LOOP 199: $240,000, Wyatt J. Vincent and Malorie A. Saunier to Christopher J. Oertling.


CORAL STREET, LOT 59, SQUARE 12: $4,000, Burgess Inc. to Luke G. Moreau.

DINKINS DRIVE 29237: $185,000, Martha Faulk and Larry Faulk Trust to Joseph Mousseau and Lauren H. Mousseau.

FOREST GLEN SUBDIVISION, LOT 2, SQUARE 100: $5,000, Northpointe Development LLC to Deleon & Sons LLC.

FOREST GLEN SUBDIVISION, LOT D1: $8,000, Warren P. Ducre to Abraham Williams and Loraine Casnave Williams.

JACKSON ST. 25521: $40,000, Manufactured Housing Contract Senior/Subordinate Pass-Through Certificate Trust 2000-3 to Norberto M. Alvarez and Cathy L. Alvarez.

NINA DRIVE 30240: donation, no value stated, Edward B. Allen Sr. to Alzera P. Allen.

POWELL HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2, LOT 10, SQUARE C: $64,900, Michael Seiler to Mark L. Orris and Star E. Orris.

S. MAIN ST. 28136: donation, no value stated, John M. Coates Jr. to Desmond C. Coates.


ASHTON OAKS SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1, LOT 9: $333,000, Ronald A. Palmisano Jr. and Deborah Constant Palmisano to Terry L. Polston II and Molly J. Polston.

BELLINGRATH PLACE 219: $410,000, Randall W. Dantin to John L. Clinton and Barbara J. Clinton.

CLAIBORNE OAKS SUBDIVISION, LOT 1: $108,000, Congemi Properties LLC to Tess H. Richards and John H. Richards.

COQUILLE LANE 245: $378,000, Eric S. Simmons and Janice J. Simmons to Kirk Raymond and Alecia A. Jenkins Raymond.

CURROW LANE 14282: donation, no value stated, Jolie Currow Bodenheimer to Kirk Bodenheimer Jr.

GUSTE ISLAND ESTATES, 391: $420,000, BMI Construction LLC to John R. Williams and Christina L. Williams.

HESTER ST. 26: $265,000, Quick Real Estate Holdings LLC to Matthew Eady and Amanda L. Eady.

N. HIGHLAND OAKS DRIVE 224: $344,000, Kirk G. Gundorf Jr. and Christy C. Gundorf to Christopher C. Will.

NEAR MADISONVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $110,000, George W. Core to German A.P. Rodriguez and Karen J. Rodriguez.

PERRILLOUX ROAD 186: $400,000, Patrick J. Juneau and Dianne McGovern Juneau to Peter A. Saxon and Anna M. Saxon.

PONTCHARTRAIN OAKS ESTATES, LOT 15: $795,000, Jennifer Ann Guidry to Justin O. Smith and Robin C. Massey Smith.

SIERRA RIDGE SUBDIVISION, LOT 12: $80,000, Jared M. Anthony Capitano and Kristen Carrier Capitano to Warren A. Arnett and Mindi L. Arnett.

SWIFT FOX RUN 440: $374,888, Lexicon Government Services LLC to Daniel P. Murphy.

TCHEFUNCTE HARBOUR SUBDIVISION, LOT 13, SQUARE N: $645,000, Richard R. Hood and Mary C. Hood to Charles Mistich Jr.

THREE RIVERS HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION, LOT 246: $220,000, Bridget M. Estes Dove to Kathryn Abadie.


AMERICA ST. 1834: $50,000, Elizabeth Clancey Powell to Erin F. Powell.

ANDERSON COURT 105: $261,000, Caleb P. Bourgeois and Kristin B. Bourgeois to Kyle W. Radosta.

AUDUBON DRIVE 321: $249,000, JW Development LLC to Karin Moran Burvan.

CAUSEWAY GARDEN SUBDIVISION, LOT 27, SQUARE 84: donation, no value stated, Timothy M. Theriot, Robbi Lynn Theriot Day and David L. Theriot to Cyd Denise Theriot.

CHATEAU DE BRIE 205: $659,000, Daniel J. Robertson and Rachel Hamblin Robertson to Benjamin C. King and Marilyn S. King.

CHESTNUT ST. 120: $258,000, Melinda A. Ensley Galloway to C & C Boudreaux Ventures LLC.

JASMINE DRIVE 320: $358,000, Zachary D. Belou and Mary Price Belou to Andre L. Averill and Amy E. Bavido.

LAKESHORE DRIVE 1923: $299,000, Glenn M. Mediamolle and Winona T. Mediamolle to Gregory Johnson and Lisa K. Johnson.

LAMARQUE ST. 607: $130,000, Dan A. Robin Sr. to Philip J. Riley Jr.

MANDEVILLE ANNEX SUBDIVISION, LOT 41A, SQUARE 35: $210,000, La Cora Della LLC to Eduardo Ortega and Heather Ortega.

MARIGNY AVE. 1316: $250,000, Gary J. Ernest to Anthony J. Crane and Christina-Marie Melanie Crane.

MESA COURT 2837: donation, no value stated, Paula G. Ponamsky to Craig A. Ponamsky and Jessica Golman.

MONTMARTE ST. 1457: $547,000, Susan L. Greer to Brennan Drobish and Aimee Gilberti.

NEAR MANDEVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $300,000, Dianne G. Swadling to Thorny Thistle LLC.

OCTAVIA DRIVE 1841: $330,000, David Adam to William E. Sandino and Rachel Lynn Nunez.

ORLEANS ST. 2523: $215,000, Michaela Hill Williams to Gabriel C. Rapp and Nicollette L. Diglio.

RED MAPLE DRIVE 416: $403,000, Edward R. Philippe to Bradley M. Lerille and Bethany S. Lerille.

SANDRA LEE DRIVE 258: $342,035, Asa J. Leathers and Stacey Pollack Leathers to Chester D. Vaughn and Mary Ann Holmberg Vaughn.

SCOTCHPINE DRIVE 202: $342,000, Aaron T. Fontenot and Abby N. Fontenot to Max C. Alvarez.

SWAN COURT 2339: $240,000, James Sinyai and Laureen Zambory Sinyai to Lisa R. Goodgion.

TCHEFUNCTA CLUB ESTATES, PHASE 3A, LOT 843: $385,000, Stewart Barrus Fresh and Amy Gassen Fresh to Ethan Stephens and Kimberly McKinney.

VILLERE ST. 1025, UNIT 5: $205,000, Hazel Virginia Bienvenue to Marian Camfield Bussey.

W. BEACH PARKWAY 222: $490,000, Andrew D. Patin to Roberto Trevino and Amy R. Trevino.

WESTWOOD DRIVE 323: $271,500, Maylard Family Trust to Brian G. Strand and Jennifer S. Cole.

WISTERIA LANE 149: $367,000, Robert Louis Null to Mark I. Duhon and Cayla Duhon.


BIRCH COURT 64546: $125,000, RCF 2 Acquisition Trust to Carl A. Matthews Sr. and Carla Ann Matthews.

HOLLY DRIVE 61325: $92,000, Marvin J. Bordelon III and Melissa Bordelon Perrien to Zce Two LLC.

REED ROAD 68032: donation, no value stated, Michael G. McPherson and Michele M. McPherson to Taresa Rose McPherson.

TED KENNEDY ROAD 66196: $216,000, Thomas I. Johnson and Shannon M. Hamilton to Adam T. Bennett.


BAYOU BONFOUCA ESTATES, LOT 36A: $350,000, Mark Roy Munson Jr. Estate to Brian J. Ward, Anthony Paul Baye and Penny R. Martinez Baye.

BONFOUCA DRIVE 3333: $60,760, Louisia Land Trust to Joseph Paul Hirstius and Amanda Thomas Hirstius.

BYPASS BREEZE DRIVE 5352: $302,640, D.R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Keishawn L. Mitchell and Barcarie D. Mitchell.

BYPASS BREEZE DRIVE 5376: $280,000, D.R. Horton Inc-Gulf Coast to Janet N. Albert.

CARA MAE ST. 40325: $280,000, D.R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Nickolas L. Cannon and Quinique Cannon.

CARNATION BUSINESS PARK SUBDIVISION, LOTS 1E, 1F: $100,000, Succession of James A. Richards and Joan Bassemier Richards to PADS Concrete LLC.

CARR DRIVE 104: donation, no value stated, Nola Direct Home Buyer LLC to Sandhu Properties LLC.

CARR DRIVE 293: $255,000, Wallace P. Falgout to Gary R. Kern and Anna C. Kern.

CENTENNIAL PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 3, SQUARE 6: $4,500, Keith Thomas Williams and Lynn Ann Williams Thibodeaux to Small Town Properties LLC.

CENTRAL PARK COMMERCIAL SITES SUBDIVISION, LOT 6: $89,964, Billie Lynn Garrett Semmes and Debra Gaye Garrett Levis to Keith G. Prestwood.

CHINCHAS CREEK ROAD 40820: $180,000, Gayle S. Weysham Reis to Kenneth Bourque and Alba P. Bourque.

CLAIRE DRIVE 1009: $270,000, Karen Ann Siebenkittel to Van Thi Nguyen.

CLEARWATER DRIVE 6120: $249,900, Michael Serpas to Brian D. Batchelder and Corinne M. Batchelder.

CLIPPER DRIVE 1224: $600,000, Succession of Mickey O'Connor to Rodney Foss and Sheri Salacina Foss.

COUNTRY CLUB BLVD. 219: $285,000, Pamela M. Boyd, Denise M. Dunham, Kevin F. Menard, succession of Margaret W. Menard and George S. Menard Jr. to Aaron Peter Aumann and Tiffany Nealy Aumann.

COUNTRY CLUB BLVD. 330: $124,800, John L. Hocutt, James F. Hocutt and Aimee E. Larouche Hocutt to Catherine Luparello.

CRANE ST. 2421: $185,500, Rickey J. Hessler to Kylie T. Ritter.

DOLLY MADISON COURT 905: $305,000, Constance Cook Nockton to Washington Home Leasing Corp.

E. REDBUD DRIVE 431: $340,000, Leonard D. Hazlett and Aubri L. Hazlett to Gregory S. Riso and Reagan R. Riso.

EDGEMERE DRIVE 1920: $299,900, Logan T. Welch and Rachel Bieller Welch to Loan Nguyen and An Nguyen.

11TH ST. 2526: $18,000, Amy L. Robertson, Stacey Robertson and others to Chance L. Pichon and Rochana Green-Pichon.

FORESTWOOD DRIVE 1320: $50,000, Billie Lynn Garrett Semmes and Debra Gaye Garrett Levis to GT Builders Construction LLC.

GAUSE BLVD. 1642: $650,000, AGBAGB LLC to Gemininy Property LLC.

GOLDEN DRIVE 3011: $255,000, Shelllpoint Mortgage Servicing to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

GRAND SPRINGS ROAD 5532: $244,000, D.R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Sharika M. Johnson.

HEATHER LANE 2005: $151,000, Richard F. Hess to Cody V. Walker.

HICKORY VILLAGE SUBDIVISION, LOT 23: $75,000, Wayne W. O'Berry Sr. and Judy Miller O'Berry to Derek J. Williams.

HIGH RIDGE LOOP 628: $315,000, Steven W. Jung and Rachel Koeppel Jung to Hung Thanh Nguyen and Natalia L. Young.

LA. 1091 61413: $660,000, Anthony J. Puglise revocable living trust and Anthony J. Puglise to Kerry Landry Jr. and Britney Naquin Landry.

JEFFERSON AVE. 57947: $190,000, Truls Grieg Bjerke Jr. to Anthony Lacombe and Kyla Cook Lacombe.


LAKE FELICITY COURT 808: $275,000, Katherine Van Wie Miller to Kristy Marie Palermo.

LEGENDRE DRIVE 612: $259,000, Kari Lynne Bovasso to Kimberly Marquerite Melancon.

LIVE OAK ST. 1416: donation, no value stated, Gabrielle Smith Camper to Jimmy Lee Camper Jr.

LORI DRIVE 1119: $10 and other valuable consideration, Nicholas Wood and Beverlyn Wood to Eric A. Nevil Sr. and Canvise N. Nevil.

MARAIS RIVER DRIVE 4460: $285,000, Louis Corona and Anne Corona Family Trust to Christopher Merlin McMillian.

MORGAN SUBDIVISION, LOTS 1, 2, 3, 4, 47, 48, SQUARE 6: $100,000, Andres A. Salazar to Meliza Y. Bejarano.

MORGAN SUBDIVISION, LOTS 5, 6 , SQUARE 6: $20,000, Andres A. Salazar to Meliza Yamilet Bejarano.

ORIOLE DRIVE 374: $150,000, Mary Romano to Cade Pace.

OZONE WOODS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 5, 6, 7, SQUARE 28: $45,000, Pamela Diane Hill Hutchinson and Kristine I. Hill Capello to Pat Mccormick Homes LLC.

PEONY MEADOW LANE 5232: $269,900, D.R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Wanda Nunnery Hill.

PINEY RIDGE PARK SUBDIVISION, LOTS 31-34, SQUARE 2: donation, no value stated, Arthur W. Averette to Justin S. McClain.

PONTCHARTRAIN DRIVE 4800, UNIT 7: $75,000, Ultra Rental Properties LLC to Viny Nguyen and Hanh Thi Nguyen.

RANCH ROAD 125: $375,000, Joseph Roush and Brinley Peters Roush to Cody Robichaux and Heather Drago Robichaux.

SECOND ST. 1925: $200,000, GMC Property Management LLC to D & H Properties Northshore LLC.

SEVENTH ST. 1741: $175,000, Aimee L. Koenig to Ansardi Properties LLC.

SUMMER PECAN ROAD 5205: $281,400, D.R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Rodolfo Valenzuela and Tracie Lynn Valenzuela.

SUNSET ROAD 57512: $239,000, Jade Graham to Austin Gay and Kelsey LeBlanc.

TALLWOOD DRIVE 200: $172,500, Casey J. Zachry to Barbara R. Graves, Andrew R. Graves, Albert R. Graves III and Nicole P. Hoban.

TUMBLEBROOK ST. 325: $210,000, Sara Mitchell to Terrill Donaldson and Michelle Munson.

WHIMBY DRIVE 105: $305,000, Succession of Theodore August Aucoin Jr. to Craig A. Zimmer and Charleen H. Zimmer.


MONTE CINO ROAD 79358: $595,000, Anthony M. Matherne and Mary H. Matherne to James B. Dumestre Jr. and Dianne B. Dumestre.

NEAR SUN, PORTION OF GROUND: $40,000, Herbert R. Rester to Regional Enterprises LLC.

NEAR SUN, PORTION OF GROUND: $129,000, Douglas H. Jenkins, DeAnn C. Jenkins and others to Cody Jarrell and Taylor M. Jarrell.

WHIPPOORWILL GROVE ON MONEY HILL SUBDIVISION, PHASE 5, PORTION OF GROUND: $136,000, Frank Degrado III to Blake E. Baughman and Stacey L. Baughman.