Jefferson Parish East Bank Water Treatment Plant

Jefferson Parish's East Bank Water Treatment Plant, shown Feb. 25, 2021, dates from the 1930s and 1950s.

boil-water advisory in effect for East Jefferson for 42 hours has been lifted.

Jefferson Parish officials issued the advisory Thursday evening after a series of power outages at a treatment plan in Old Jefferson led to low water pressure in the parish's distribution system.

During the advisory, people were asked to boil or disinfect water before using it to drink or prepare their food, including making ice.

Officials said one of the parish's water towers was out of service, which made it difficult for the remaining tower to maintain appropriate pressure levels during the a series of power surges. Despite using a generator, the pressure fell too low, forcing the parish issue the advisory as a precaution. 

Collection of 150 samples across the area were sent to the Jefferson Parish Water Quality Lab, where they must sit for at least 18 hours amid testing. The water was deemed safe to drink Saturday afternoon and the advisory was lifted.