Gov. John Bel Edwards signs bills

Gov. John Bel Edwards

The June 6 news report on House Bill 12, which will require third graders in our state "to pass a state reading test to advance to fourth grade," is sad but welcome news to all parents and citizens of Louisiana. The bill is headed to the governor for signature or veto.

"Sad" because, if signed, it demonstrated that our state had to use the force of law to solve a true crisis in education that had been brewing for decades. Welcome news, because it will raise reading levels in all sectors of our state.

The news story reported that after adopting this same educational approach, Mississippi went from 49th to 21st in fourth grade reading scores. Small gains in academic improvement can always be attributed to many "factors." However, this gain is much too large to ignore. The story even noted that the New York Times "hailed the changes in Mississippi."

Let us all hope and pray our governor signs this impactful bill. Our future citizens need to read and read well.



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