Published online June 5, 2012 Published The Advocate June 11, 2009 Photo shot on June 9, 2009 Salute to Stars and Stripes American flags wave in the breeze at the USS Kidd Veterans Memorial & Museum on the Mississippi River. Flag Day is observed each June 14 to commemorate the day the Stars and Stripes were officially adopted as the U.S. flag in 1777. (Advocate file photo by BILL FEIG) Keywords USS Kidd holiday Advocate staff photo by BILL FEIG. Photo shot on 6/9/09 --- Trax #00017462a --- Slug: FlappingFlags --- Flags flap in the breeze at the USS Kidd memorial on the Mississippi River. The river water is up now, but is dropping at a rate of about one-foot per day. And Flag Day is June 14th.

It’s Flag Day, the official observance of America’s emblem, adopted by the Continental Congress on this date in 1777.

Maybe that's a long time ago, but the thought of our flag flying proudly around the world should be near every day. The flag and those who serve under it, including in the armed forces and the diplomatic corps, are helping to protect peace and representing a democratic republic which remains the envy of the civilized world.

Our country certainly celebrates the flag and the values it represents, which transcend even the deep political divisions of our day. Its very design is a reminder of our greatest strength: We come from many states, but we are one nation. 

Flag Day should be a good reminder for homes and businesses to check on the condition of the flags that they fly. The pride one has in the flag ought to be reflected in observance, including the replacement of banners that have suffered wear and tear over the year. 

We urge property owners to do their own checkup for Old Glory today, and remember what it means to all of us as Americans.