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Welcome to 5th grade!

Welcome to 5th Grade!
Please see each teacher's individual notes page for important dates, deadlines, and remarks.

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Homework for week of:

2/20 - 2/23


No School Monday - Happy Presidents Day!


ELA:RWN pp. 202, 204

Social Studies:

HONORS MATH- workbook pg.137

5th grade math-

Science-Lab due Friday




Social Studies:
5th grade science- Lab tomorrow
Math-pg 93-94 workbook and Finish #15-22 in textbook ( pg 189)

Social Studies:
5th grade math-
5th grade science- Lab Due Friday

Social Studies:
5th grade math-
5th grade science- Lab Due Friday
Honors math-


Overview of Curriculum

Religion: The main areas of study include: The Sacraments; the Mass; Mary; the Saints; the Liturgical Year; Prayer; and Social Justice.

Math:Topics include Operations and Algebraic Thinking; Whole Numbers and Decimals; Operations with Decimals and Fractions; Measurement and Data; Geometry and Volume; Problem Solving

Science:┬Students will be working with the Lab Learner Program. The experiments, activities, text, and illustrations in this series are designed┬as CELLS (Core Experience Learning Labs). Students will be using authentic science equipment, which is perfectly matched to every CELL, therefore, providing opportunities for hands-on activities, which will increase their understanding of science and the world around them. she┬

English Language Arts and Social Studies

Overview of Curriculum

English Language Arts:┬Our curriculum focuses on students' ability to Read, Write, Use Language skills and to be able to Speak and Listen in class.

  • In Reading, students read both Fiction and Non-fiction texts. We focus on character, story elements, facts and opinions, main idea and supporting details,┬summarizing, sequencing, and students practice making inferences.
  • In Writing, students focus on the three main reasons an author writes: to persuade, inform and entertain through both formal and quick writing projects.
  • In Language skills, students focus on vocabulary development, spelling skills and use of grammar rules.
  • Speaking and Listening are incorporated into all areas with opportunities to practice public speaking skills

Social Studies:┬Our syllabus will focus on the the Western Hemisphere - the United States and Its Close Neighbors, specifically, Canada, Greenland, Mexico, Central America, the Islands of the Caribbean, and South America.

Additional General Information

Books:┬All workbooks and consumables should be covered and labeled with clear contact paper. The student's name should be on the front.┬

Supplies: Every student must come to class prepared with the items listed on the school website for each grade level.┬

Homework:┬Approximately 50-55 minutes per night for both study and written homework. Study skills are very important to students and we will be working to devlop these skills during the school day as well.

Parents, Please sign homework books each night.

All assignments are to be neatly written and complete. Incomplete homework not excused will result in a mark on the student infraction calendar. Homework assignments will be posted on the classroom website daily.┬

Tests:┬Tests will be sent home weekly. Students have two school days to return tests signed.┬

Academics: Numerical grades will be given this year. These grades are determined by tests, quizzes, projects, homework and class participation.

Specials:┬Monday:Library & Technology; Tuesday: Art; Wednesday: Gym & Music; Friday: Spanish

Discipline: Discipline problems will be handled in the classroom. Recurring misbehavior or discipline issues will result in an email or phone call to the parents. Infraction calendars will be given to every student and will record both negative and positive behaviors. More information about the use of the calendars will be explained in further detail at Back To School Night.

Correspondence: The best way to contact us is by email.

Miss McGinley can be reached at smcginley@stjpschool.info

Mr. Sawicky can be reached at asawicky@stjpschool.info

We will make every effort to answer every email the same day it is received. If we do not have any prep periods during the day we will return the email after school or in the evening. Please contact the school office if you have important information that must be received during the school day.

We┬can also be reached through the school office phone number, 215-884-0843. We will return your call as soon as possible.┬

Notes from Ms. McGinley


Complete summer readin by Friday, September 8. Turn in assignment no later than Monday, September 11.

Social Studies

Google Classroom code: 7iiilt2


All workbooks should be covered in clear contact paper and returned to the classroom byMonday, September 11.

If you have any questions or concerns, Miss McGinley can be reached by email at smcginley@stjpschool.info. All emails will receive a response within 24 hours during the week, or 48 hours on the weekend.

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