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ART supplies should be in by September 25th
more Please remember everyone (Grade One to Grade Eight) should have; 2 pencils small paintbrush 1 bottle of glue 1 empty cereal box Kindergatern to...
Looking for items to reduce, recycle, or reuse
more We are still saving the items below for the 2017-2018 school year: empty and clean plastic containers - at least 32 oz containers that held cottage...
Be prepared!
more Kindergarten to Grade Three students will need an old shirt with their name written on the inside collar. Students can bring their "paint" shirts to...
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Welcome to the Art Page!

Welcome to our Art classes!



We will discover what kind of artist each student is andrealize what

we have been given by God and to teach that to others so to

return it to God.

Our Art classes focus on developing skills, lessons, and activities that meet and enhance the Common Core State Standards of the academic curriculum. The hands-on opportunities presented to our students motivate them to become responsible communicators, collaborators and creative problem-solvers of the 21st century while meeting the National Standards for Arts Education and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Elementary Art Guidelines.

Here are some of our activities we will be doing:

Our lessons this month focus on exploring the Elements of Art

KINDERGARTEN: My first American flag and "Where the Wild Things are" shapes

GRADE ONE: Painted Pumpkin shapes

GRADE TWO: Night time pumpkin painting

GRADE THREE: Autumn leaves in the foreground, background and middle ground of a painting

GRADE FOUR: Introduction to Alexander Calder and Howl at the Harvest Moon chalk pastel

GRADE FIVE: Symmetrical and asymmetrial abstract witches

GRADE SIX: 3D pumpkins and intro to the Wyeth Family and their Art

GRADE SEVEN: Symmetrical pumpkins and asymmetrial name skeletons

GRADE EIGHT: Religious Icons and intro to Pop Art featuring Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol

More Information

Homework is generally only given when a student is absent over a long period of time in order to catch up on assignments. Sometimes students will be asked to share ideas or activities with their families as an assignment. Upper grades may also have occasional homework that involves research for an upcoming activity.

In case of a long term project, this will be where a student may find the assignment.


4 (90-100)

3 (89-80)

2 (79-70)

1 (70-below)

Listens and Follows Directions

Responsible Global Citizen

1. consistently listens and follows directions, always demonstrates responsibility with art materials

2. always very helpful and behaves respectfully towards classmates and teacher

1. usually listens and follows directions, usually demonstrates responsibility with art materials

2. usually is helpful and is respectful to classmates and teacher

1. occasionally listens and follows directions, occasionally demonstrates responsibility with art materials

2. not very helpful, sometimes uncooperative, shows disrespect to classmates and teacher often

1. rarely listens and follows directions, misuse of art materials

2. uninvolved, uncooperative and usually disrespectful

Participates in Art Assignments

Basic Social Skills

1. works independently, always completes project, always cleans up after project completion

2. always contributes, excellent communication

1. usually completes project, usually cleans up after project completion

2. contributes most of the time

1. occasionally completes project, occasionally cleans up after project completion

2. seldom contributes

1. rarely completes project, rarely cleans up

2. no attempt to communicate, argumentative

Demonstrates Artistic Proficiency in Various Mediums

1. consistently demonstrates artistic proficiency in various mediums

1.usually demonstrates artistic proficiency in various mediums

1. occasionally demonstrates artistic proficiency on various mediums

1. rarely demonstrates artistic proficiency in various mediums

Exhibits Creativity and an Appreciation of Art Styles

1. consistently exhibits effort in creativity and an appreciation of art styles

1. usually exhibits effort in creativity and an appreciation of art styles

1. occasionally exhibits effort in creativity and an appreciation of art styles

1. rarely exhibits effort in creativity and an appreciation of art styles

Have fun creating Art on your computer, Ipad, Ipod or Iphone

Be sure you have installed or updated your programs such as Flash, Java and Shockwave or some of these program will not work. Have fun!

  1. Interactive art you can make online The Art Zone
  2. A fun site where users can create unique pictures with different templates Bomomo
  3. Greek Pot Painter Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
  4. Try drawing like Pablo Picasso Mr. Picassohead
  5. Create colorful pieces of kaleidoscope art that can be saved or printed Kaleidoscope Art
  6. This free online painting tool allows you to use brushes and paints to create your own piece of art. ArtPad is a mess free way for kids to express themselves and learn painting techniques Art Pad
  1. You can choose backgrounds, characters, and props, as well as to compose related dialogue and print your own comic strip. Comic Creator
  2. A great site for creating animated art with a Web 2.0 flare Doink
  3. Explore collections from around the world with thousands of artworks photographed in extremely high resolution. You can also create and share your own Google Art Project

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