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Instrumental Band at StJP

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Welcome to the StJP Band!

The StJP Band Program is comprised of two separate elements, small group lessons during the school day/ once a week, (groups of two or three) and rehearsals for the beginner band, concert band and jazz band. For students who have achieved a certain level of proficiency and who are interested, private lessons outside of school are an option. Lessons are offered to 4th through 8th grade students.

Beginner Band: This ensemble is for students who have less than one full year of lessons. It is the first step to becoming a member of the Concert Band. Most of the Beginner Band members are in 4th grade.

Concert Band: The St.JP Concert Band is comprised of all 5th- 8th grade band students who have had at least one to five years of instruction. The ensemble ranges in size from 60- 75 depending on recruiting from year to year. Students who have more experience or who are more advanced will often play parts that are more demanding while the less experienced play parts that are more suited to their stage of development. The Concert Band generally plays classical music and sometimes pops music.

St.JP Jazz Band: The StJP Jazz Band is a smaller ensemble of approximately 25 musicians that is generally open to 6th-8th grade students who are more advanced and want to have more music to prepare and perform. All Jazz Band students also perform in the Concert Band. The Jazz Band performs all types of jazz, pop and rock. Depending on the year, auditions are sometimes required. From our own school community to Retirement communities and Barnes and Nobel, both the Concert Band and Jazz Band perform in a variety of venues. The StJP Band Program also takes it on the road each year with the rest of the music program and performs at competitions at music festivals all around Pennsylvania. The award winning band program at St.JP is an exciting and fantastic way to learn how to play an instrument. Many of Mr. Schmauk’s students have gone on to be professional musicians and music teachers all around the country.

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