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Digital Citizenship Week
more To kick off Digital Citizenship Week students in grades 5-8 watched a video on oversharing of information online. Students discussed how this could...
Binary Number Codes
more Grades 5-6 will be looking at Binary Code this week. The students took a bunch of 0's and 1's and figured out how the computer would read...
Some Learning Games
more From the Smithsonian Admongo Teach a Monster to Read Evaluating websites games Read a book aloud Storied online...
Links to coding sites to try
more Find many sites to try out coding with different languages and levels CLICK HERE The Foos Vidcode Tynker...
Continue coding with code.org at home
more Here are some instructions that will allow you to do some of the other exercises at code. org over the summerbreak. You will still need to know your...

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2nd Grade Halloween Videos
more The 2nd grade created pictures in the technoloty lab. They used the new touch screen computers to draw with their fingers to create the Halloween...
1st Grade Halloween Video
more The first grade reviewed the tools in tux paint and created pictures for Halloween. The pictures were saved and the students each recorded on their...
Kindergarten - Internet Safety Rules
more The kindergarten students colored pictures supplied by netsmartz.org of the characters they have been watching and learning about. They each made a...
1st grade - Book Monsters
more The first grade created book monsters that talk about books in honor of the Book Fair Monster theme this year!...
2nd Grade - First Animations
more The 2nd grade learned what an animation frame is and started creating frames for an animation using abcya.com animation page. We saved them and put...

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Welcome to the Technology Program!

Welcome to the technology lab at STJP. It is going to be an exciting year! All students will come to the lab each week to work on projects and learn the tools needed to help them use technology in a safe and productive manner.

We have a whole new technology lab this year with 26 Windows 10 Pro 23" touch screen computers. Office 2016, KidPix 3D, The Adobe Suite including: Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Premiere, Audition, and Character Animator. A new keyboarding program and subscriptions to weevideo, goanimate and weebly. We will also continue work in coding, the green room, good digital citizenship, work with our new ozobots and new osmo systems.

Be sure to check the projects and photos page of the website to see some of the students work during the school year.

More Information

Acceptable Use Policy

Kindergarten Rm 3

Kindergarten Rm 1

2nd Grad Rm 7

2nd Grade Rm 9

8th Grade - 5th Period Code. Org

8th Grade - 6th Period Code.org

7th Grade - 2nd Period

7th Grade - 3rd Period

3rd - 5th Period https://studio.code.org/sections/VBWPVY

3rd - 6th Period https://studio.code.org/sections/KXJMDT

1st Grade Rm 4https://studio.code.org/sections/CBSBRD

1st Grade Rm 8https://studio.code.org/sections/ZQYGGF

Dance Mat Typing Link


Practice with the mouse (Kindergarten)

1st and 2nd Grade Mouse practice

About the mouse

Click and Drag puzzle pieces

Bees and Honey

Point and Click the Mouse

Kindergarten Mouse and Keyboard games


Make patterns

1st Grade
Teach a monster to read

Made with Code projects
Try some of the coding projects at this site. Do Yeti, Emojify, and Beats. You will need your headphones!

Code Boogie
Play Code Boogie - Pick freestyle then pick a stage. Use the blocks of code to create a dance├´┐Ż┬

Google Santa Tracker
Go to the website and try the different activities. Learn about different holiday celebrations around the world and try some word translations in different languages. You will need your headphone

Dance Mat Typing

Internet Live Stats

An Internet Second

Get your dropbox account here.

The Coding Club

The StJP coding club will be meeting at lunch periods again this year. Stay tuned for more information.


Our S.L.A.T.S (Student Leaders Advancing Technoloty in School) will be accepting new memberships this year. These students will help teachers, other students and the technology teacher with various tasks and trouble shooting during the school year. If you are interested in making an application to join you can download it here.

StJP Video Club

This is a new opportunity for students at StJP. Students will produce and create a news broadcast each month. Check back for more information in September.

Check the Photos section of this page to see projects and photos from the tech lab.

What is the cloud?

Sharing Information

What is a cookie?

Here is a lesson on Units of Measurement

How does the Internet Work?

What is the Internet?

What is an Algorithm?

What is a bug?

What is Code?

Pick Me!



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