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Just type flip a coin in the google search box.

Oh no! I closed Chrome and lost all of my tabs!

No problem here! Just open chrome again, right click on any tab and click open closed window. IT IS BACK!

Did you ever accidentally close a tab in chrome?

I can't tell you how many times I have done this one! One click and the tab is gone! How can you get it back? It is very simple - just right click on any open tab and pick open closed tab. It is back!


Any students insterested in the SLATS program can download the application here.

Attention 8th Grade Students

Opem the file for directions on how to save your google drive files to your own account. Your school account files will be deleted on August 1st. Click Here

How to create a smile face in Microsoft Word

First you type a colon then right after that you hit the closing parenthesis that is top of the zero number key at the top part of the keyboard. Then hit the space bar. You have to hold down shift when you hit the zero key. Don't forget to use shift to get the colon! If you decide you want to make a sad face just use the open parenthesis on top of the number nine key at the top of the keyboard after the colon. Smile