St. Joseph the Protector School

Empowered by Faith ~ Achieving now and tomorrow


Our Mission and History

Our Mission

St. Joseph the Protector School embraces our primary mission as 
disciples of Jesus Christ:  
to form each child in the Catholic faith.

In partnership with the family, we teach our children...

to Know God through study
to Love God through prayer
to Serve God through action

We are sustained by a firm foundation of study, prayer, and action in the tradition of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.  Our rigorous academic program prepares students to distinguish themselves as responsible, compassionate leaders in the Church and in the world.


Our History

Saint Joseph the Protector School was created in January 2012 as a result of the Blue Ribbon Commission's decision to regionalize the elementary schools. On September 5, 2012, we opened our doors for the first time, welcoming students from kindergarten to eighth grade. The merging of Immaculate Conception School in Jenkintown and Saint Luke the Evangelist School in Glenside began our story. There was no shortage of challenges and obstacles to overcome in creating this new school. Our devout faith in our Lord brought two communities together to build on faith-centered learning environment.

The Sister's of Saint Joseph played a vital role in the history of Immaculate Conception School and Saint Luke the Evangelist School. Through the Sisters of Saint Joseph, these two schools thrived to 180 years. By taking their name, we continue their legacy and are proud to share their tradition of educating our children to know, love, and serve God. 

Our Growing School

We at Saint Joseph the Protector School have blossomed through the love, faith and hard work of our school community. In 2013, our school continued to grow, and opened an early childhood center. Our history as two schools played a great part in allowing opportunities for future growth. The early childhood center is located at the Jenkintown campus, and expands our school mission to include children from the age of two to four years old. We have faced many challenges in our few short years as a school, but we remember the strength and conviction of those who have gone before us. As we venture forward, we try to be living examples of Saint Joseph, our patron.