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Early Childhood Center

These people are usually found at the preschool on the Jenkintown campus. The Early Childhood Center has 2 classes each of 2 year olds, 3 year olds, and three classes of 4 year olds. Find out more about them by clicking the button.

Lower Building Faculty

The faculty that teach kindergarten to third grade are found in the lower building most of the time. Instead of looking all over the lower building for them just click the button to learn about these teachers.

Upper Building Faculty

The teachers that teach the 3rd and 4th grade students are found on the second floor of the upper building. You can find out more about them by clicking the button.

Upper Building Faculty

The 6th, 7th and 8th grade classrooms are on the top floor of the Upper Building. Click the button and find out more about them.

Other Staff

This group is scattered all over the buildings. Some of these people are from the Montgomery County IU, others take care of the place and some others promote the school and direct the "Little Joe's".

Administrative Staff

This is a small but mighty group that leads the school. They can be found in the school principal's office, the rectory, or around the school. Click the button to find out more about them.

Specialty Subject Teachers

This group teaches math, technology, physical education, library skills, music. This is a diversified group and they are all over the buildings but you can find out more about them too.

Meet the StJP Mascot

Find out a little information on some of the people you see around the school. Click the buttons to see different groups.


    Our Mascot

    Birthplace:  a spirit tree on Fairhill  Ave. 

    Hatched:   flapping his wings since spring 2015 

    Height:  taller than most kindergarteners 

    Weight:  light as a feather 

    Graduation year: A forever student that never wants to leave the nest

    Favorite subject:  Religion, with a special interest in the Bible story of Noah's Arc

    Favorite school activity:  Cheering for StJP students & teachers.

    Favorite color:  navy & gold, of course!

    Favorite food:  anything that's being served on hot lunch Wednesdays with a hearty side of gummy worms 

    Favorite movie:  The Incredibles

    Leaders are like Eagles, they don't fly with the flock, they explore new heights and challenge themselves and others to soar beyond the norm. Yet an Eagle is never too large or consumed with itself not to assist another Eagle in distress...and that's what makes an Eagle a true leader! So spread your wings and SOAR!